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Committees at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church

  • Nurture Committee

    The nurture team is responsible for coordinating ministries that nurture people in the Christian faith, including Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, other special studies, family ministries, stewardship, and scouting, among others.
  • Outreach Committee

    The outreach team coordinates ministries of the church that reach out to people in the community and around the world to fill human needs. This includes overseas missions support, working with the Upshur Parish House, outreach ministries to WV Wesleyan College, and other similar ministries.
  • Prayer and Witness Team

    The Prayer Team and the Witness Team have combined to become the Prayer and Witness Team. The prayer team aspect coordinates various prayer-oriented activities in the church, including regular prayer vigils. The witness team aspect is responsible for ministries that address the spiritual needs of people, including faith sharing, media ministries, and home Bible studies. Our witness team is dedicated to helping people share their experiences with God's grace through different media so that others may witness the movement of God.  We also strive to improve the church's hospitality to visitors and newcomers.
  • Worship and Praise Team

    The worship and praise team is responsible for coordinating and planning worship of all varieties in Chapel Hill UMC.
  • Council on Ministries

    The Council on Ministries is responsible for coordinating all programs and ministries of the church, and as the vision committee, is responsible for developing vision and mission statements and developing long range plans for the church.
  • Finance Committee

    The Finance Team is responsible for oversight of financial matters of the church, and is responsible for raising the funds to support the ministries of the church approved by the Council on Ministries and the Administrative Board.
  • Trustees

    The Trustees are responsible for making sure that the church has the facilities necessary to carry out the ministries of the congregation, and for caring for the upkeep of those facilities.
  • Lay Pastoral Care Team

    The Lay Pastoral Care Team has created a three-way ministry to our shut-ins, sick and hospitalized members.

    1.)   Card Ministry – once a month we send thinking of you cards to everyone on our list.  We also acknowledge birthdays and send get well cards as well as sympathy cards when appropriate.

    2.)   Telephone Ministry – we try to phone everyone on the list at least once a month with a goal of twice a month.

    3.)   Visitation – the team divides the list and tries to visit each member on the list at least once a month.  Some team members visit their people almost every week.  Those who visit bring copies of the Upper Room, Sunday school books (when asked for) and the pastor tries to give communion at least four times a year.  The church sends weekly bulletins to those on the list.

            The Lay Pastoral Care Team is always looking for volunteers to be part of the team. Contact the church office to help out with this. We also have bereavement teams that provide meals when a church member passes away. If you can help with this, please contact the   
            church office.
  • Administrative Board

    The Administrative Board is the ruling body of the church. It has the responsibility to set church policies, determine the budget, and act on all other matters except for property decisions and the appointment of the pastor.
  • Nominations and Leadership Development

    This group is responsible for providing the volunteer leadership needed for the implementation of the church’s programs and ministries through discernment of spiritual gifts and nominations of persons to the various offices of the church.
  • Scholarship Committee

    The scholarship committee raises money for and then distributes scholarships to the college students who are members of Chapel Hill UMC. To date we have given 627 scholarships to 198 students at a total of $350,625.00.
  • Staff Parish Relations Committee

    This group is responsible for providing support for the hired staff of the church, and for overseeing the work of that staff. It is also responsible for interpreting to the congregation the duties and responsibilities of the various staff persons.
  • Charge Conference

    The Charge Conference is composed of the same membership as the Administrative Board, except it is presided over by the District Superintendent or an Elder approved by the District Superintendent to do so. Issues related to property and church construction are reserved to the Charge Conference.
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