Age Level Sunday School

At Chapel Hill, we believe that Sunday School should be open to people of all ages. That is why we offer age-appropriate Sunday School classes.

For children and youth, traditional Sunday School begins at age 3, though those under the age of 3 (and those over 3 who are not quite ready for traditional Sunday School) are always welcome in the nursery where they also have a Sunday School curriculum.

There are multiple adult Sunday School classes.

The Friendship class is made up of more mature women, though women of all ages are welcome. They study the Uniform Lesson Series, which is a Bible Study.

The Wesley Crusaders is a blended class, which also uses the Uniform Lesson Series.

The Latecomers Class studies different Christian books and generally gets started a little later than the traditional 9:15 starting time.

The Doubters Sunday School class meets in the library and is made up of young adults. They also study Christian books and start a little later than 9:15 as well.

The College Sunday School class offers a free breakfast and van pick-up by the fountain around 9am. This class is led by Julie Keehner.