Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

Proverbs 27:17  As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

The Band of Brothers is a group of men who seek to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and each other through: 

  • Studying the Word of God and discussing the importance and relevance it has in our daily lives.
  • Using DVD series by noted Christian leaders and writers (John Eldredge and Louie Giglio) to strengthen our Christian beliefs
  • Reading books by noted Christian pastors, leaders and writers – (The Air I Breathe – the study of what we worship) to develop and extend our understanding of who we are as Christian men.

The Band of Brothers also seek to further God’s kingdom on earth through:

  • Financial support of those in need
  • Continue to support the Parish House with food and money
  • Help support individuals in the community with specific needs
  • Support those involved in mission work
  • Financed a college student for her alternative Spring Break mission trip to Nicaragua
  • Supported a church member on a medical mission trip to Africa
  • Support youth missions in the church
  • Helping in the community through service projects
  • Clean up the town campaign – clean up the roadside within the city
  • Mentoring program for young boys and men
  • Help Box – members will do minor repairs and maintenance at no cost for labor

We, as the Band of Brothers, desire to continue our growth as followers of Christ and to live as Jesus did. Through our studies, we want to become better Christians, fathers, husbands and men of faith. We welcome any man who desires to join us.

Buckhannon, West Virginia is located in the central part of West Virginia.  In our county, Upshur, we have a population of only around 20,000, and our annual income is under $30,000.00 per family. 

We are known as a community that works and celebrates life together.  Our town also holds a yearly festival during the month of May to celebrate the growth of strawberries.  During this week we bake over 2000 dozen sugar cookies, bake cakes, make over 150 gallons of homemade ice cream, and slice over 200 flats of strawberries, for strawberry shortcake.   During the week of Strawberry Festival, Chapel Hill offers shortcake many ways, homemade cake, strawberries, homemade ice cream, and whipped cream.  Our strawberries come with sugar or for those that can’t have sugar, without.  We sell these items on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the festival.  We sell to many bands from all over the country; you can even buy a dozen sugar cookies to go.

The Band of Brothers even sells hot dogs!  So you can eat your lunch or dinner and then have our specialty desserts.  We are always looking for volunteers to make ice cream, bake cakes, bake cookies, slice strawberries, serve/sell, and clean up.

If you have a willing heart and can do something standing or sitting, we need you!