Learning and Growing

At Chapel Hill, we believe that Sunday School should be open to people of all ages. That is why we offer age-appropriate Sunday School classes.

For children and youth, we have Sunday School Classes in Education Hallway. Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade meet in the Nursery.

2nd-3rd Grade class meets in Classroom 2.

4th-6th Grade class meets in Classroom 1.

7th-12th Grade class meets in Classroom 3.

There are multiple adult Sunday School classes.

The Explorers class studies the Bible and related topics. It is led by Pastor Paul Rebelo.

The Wesley Crusaders is a blended class, which uses the Uniform Lesson Series Adult Bible Studies.

The Doubters Sunday School class meets in Classroom 6 and is made up of young adults. They discuss current events.